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Orbitz Promotion Code Frequency and Tips

Orbitz often publishes promotion codes (orbitz coupons), which are your keys to maximizing your savings. Every week Orbitz tends to change their promotions. When orbitz does not have promotion codes, they have competitive deals. Whether it is promotions or deals, these coupons can save you hundreds on your next vacation. By booking packages, travelers can save even more. ..More

Orbitz Information

Orbitz offers a variety of low airfares and deals on hotels and car rentals. Check our pages often to see Orbitz latest deals. With the orbitz flight search engine, travelers can search for the lowest airfare in over 400 airlines.

Another benefit of booking on orbitz, is the Orbitz Price Assurance program. After a flight or hotel is booked, orbitz will track to see if another customer has paid less for the same vacation. If orbitz finds that the trip was book for less, they will refund you the difference.

How did Orbitz get started? American, Continental, Delta, Northwest and other airlines decided to develop a travel website in response to the strong online travel agency market of competitors such as Expedia and Travelocity. Today it has developed into one of the top online booking travel agencies worldwide. With their strong partnerships and bulk purchases, travelers can be assured of getting a competitive bargain through Orbitz.

History of Orbitz Promotions and News

April 2011 - Orbitz recently released the results of their survey on how users feel travel has changed over the last 10 years. Among some of the most interesting findings were:

  • The ability to book travel online.
  • The ability to comparison shop online.
  • Being able to get more promotions and deals online.

The survey also stated that Orbitz Price assurance was one of the top promotional tools for Orbitz over the last decade. Orbitz price assurance lets users get a cash refund for the difference of a booking if another user books a similar trip online.